Friday, December 9th, 2016 10:49 am
[personal profile] kaberett brought to my attention Pablo Neruda's Love Sonnet XVI, and I found this translation.

I love the handful of earth you are.
Because of its meadows, vast as a planet,
I have no other star. You are my replica
of the multiplying universe.

Your wide eyes are the only light I know
from the extinguished constellations;
your skin throbs like a streak
of a meteor through the rain.

your hips were that much of the moon for me;
your deep mouth and its delights, that much sun;
Your heart, fiery with its long red rays,

was that much ardent light, like honey in the shade.
So I pass across your burning form, kissing
you—compact and planetary, my dove, my globe.
Friday, December 9th, 2016 09:01 am
Episode 29: Home on the Remains

Chiana leads the starving Farscape crew to a mining town on a giant space creature called a Budong. She deals with her past and makes a deal for the crew's future while D'argo decides what kind of relationship he wants with her. Kay and Taz discuss Zhaan's starvation defense mechanism and Kay waxes on about how much she misses Deadwood.

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Episode 30: Dream a Little Dream

In this flashback episode we find out what happened to Moya after she starburst away at the season 1 cliffhanger ending. Zhaan was put on trial for murder on the planet Litigara with only Chiana and Rygel to save her. Taz thinks a planet full of lawyers is just weird, Kay ponders the meaning of Zhaan's Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and both enjoy the hilarity of Chiana and Rygel saving the day.

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Friday, December 9th, 2016 07:58 pm
The Other Missing Kids: Parental Abduction

Old (2013), mostly about the US, and I disagree with some of what is written, but the overall message -- that the kids lose out, and there are no services for helping them -- is probably as relevant now as it was then. 
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 08:52 pm
I like snuggling.

Just satin'.
Friday, December 9th, 2016 12:14 pm
I ran into a school friend while buying a coffee today. This happens with this individual every few months - she works a few buildings away on the other side of Oak Lawn. This time was a bit better than last time, because we managed a bit of disjointed conversation.

But it is so weird. I'm effectively talking to a stranger, but to one I have a huge shared history with. Talking with her is almost like trying to talk to a ghost - the friends that we were trying to talk through us. 

And we were reasonably close. We went to the same primary school (although I don't remember her before the last year or two), and other than the times I was away, the same high school; we ended up in the same areas of student politics. We hung out in the same amorphous group of young women -- about 20 of us, in two main subgroups (she was in the same one I was, but then not the same sub-sub-group, because I was music and she wasn't). I spent years knowing the intimate details of her life. Her whole family came to my first wedding. Her mother is almost family (and was there at times when my mother wasn't, including very useful advice about relationships). I've maintained some contact with the family because her older brother is part of my extended social network. And yet, I almost don't know her. There is just this obligation to not ignore her in these situations.

And I wonder whether the weirdness comes from me, or if I've somehow been the kind of person she chooses to distance herself from. And I'm a little sad, because I would like to know this person that she has become. 
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 10:32 pm
Three Scoops of Cute (fan art) (0 words) by look_turtles
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: due South, Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Diefenbaker, Bear (Person of Interest), Turtle (due South)

Au. Turtle, Dief and Bear as ice cream scoops.

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 03:29 pm
Possible snow tonight may complicate things for people getting to a meditation retreat this weekend at the Zen center:

This evening at 6:30 p.m. I'm heading over to the Zen center for Thursday evening group meditation, then I'm planning to stay overnight at the Zen center through the whole retreat. So I'll be okay. But I'm not so sure about the teachers and other students being able to get there tomorrow morning.

See, the Zen center is near where I live, so I looked up the forecast according to the weather station nearest to this part of Seattle — Fairview Christian School, in case anyone is interested; I access them over an app called WeatherBug — and it said that it'll be getting down to freezing by 7 p.m., but the hourly forecast doesn't predict snow till after 10:00 p.m., after which, it's 40% likely to snow during that hour, then 80% likely to snow between 11:00 p.m. and midnight, and after that there's an even chance of snow till 1:00 a.m., followed by several hours of no precipitation at all.

The problem is, it's going to be at or below freezing till something like 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, by which time, it may already have started snowing again. And the Zen center is on a steep hill. Also, there's no sun in the forecast to help melt any snow, for the little help that might offer for sun-facing streets, or at least warm the air up more to help melt it off.

So I suspect my partner and probably most of the sangha who'd signed up for this retreat won't be able to attend for the morning if not the entire day. Which would suck for my partner, since I think he's only signed up for Friday (not totally sure about this).

Anyway, I'll be taking lots of warm comfy 💜silk💖 to bundle up in overnight. And iIrc, at the last retreat when we had that big storm scare — the storm that never showed (well, here at least; apparently Vancouver BC got the brunt of it instead of us) — everyone except people who were staying overnight at the Zen center left in the early afternoon to avoid being out on the road in case of falling trees and branches, and it ended up being very peaceful with just the few of us who were there.

So it could be worse.
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 09:49 pm
Moana is amazing, okay. It's a beautiful, visually stunning film about community and responsibilities and mentors and lifting each other up and women supporting each other and no love interest in sight. And the music is great and it feels really culturally respectful and aaaaaah.

SO MANY EMOTIONS. I basically ugly-sobbed through like 80% of it (quietly, because we were in the cinema).

Go and see it. You will not regret it.
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 11:01 pm

Played with alcohol ink, ceramic tiles, and fire again tonight.

  1. Do not paint Jo Sonja Glaze Medium onto alcohol inks unless you have left them to dry for 24 hours, or not at all, unless you want your pretty pattern to be wiped off with every brushstroke. (oops)
    • So I washed off the two tiles I mentioned in my previous post, washed with water and metho(*).
    • I'm not sure what the best thing is to seal my tiles. 8-( It needs to be something that isn't going to react with the ink. I had thought a water-based medium would be okay. And maybe it is. And maybe it isn't.
  2. Less is more.
    • I messed up designs two or three times by adding more stuff when I should have stopped. The "more stuff" was either more ink (which muddied up the colours) or more alcohol squirted on it, which made some bits too light and other bits too dark, and also muddied the colours.
  3. Metho is good. I need more metho.
    • The designs I messed up, I simply poured metho on and wiped the whole tile clean.

(*) For the non-Australians in the audience, see Denatured Alcohol.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 09:38 pm
Poll #17774 Proving a point to someone
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 33

On the worthiness of partners (this would be my primary partner, who I started seeing *formally and officially* in September)

They are worthy of dating Azz
13 (39.4%)

They are not worthy of dating Azz, sorry
0 (0.0%)

I don't know one or both of these parties well enough to answer this
18 (54.5%)

My response to this cannot be summed up in a radio button, and I should comment
2 (6.1%)

And furthermore!

They make Azz happy
25 (75.8%)

Azz makes them happy
11 (33.3%)

Their ex is a screaming toolbag
13 (39.4%)

I'm just glad nobody's in serious denial anymore
9 (27.3%)

I'm just glad nobody's cheating on anybody anymore
9 (27.3%)

What about Darkside, though?
0 (0.0%)

What about Purple, though?
2 (6.1%)

What about sithjawa, though?
0 (0.0%)

What about [attractive denizen of a certain continent], though?
1 (3.0%)

Let's hear it for polyamory
23 (69.7%)

At last, someone with a strong enough Weirdness Field to date Azz!
6 (18.2%)

At last, someone with a strong enough Weirdness Field to date this person!
3 (9.1%)

It's disconcerting the way Azz is around much less on the public internet
10 (30.3%)

Fuck cancer forever
31 (93.9%)

Nobody is allowed to marry anybody (until at least 2020)
3 (9.1%)

Why does Azz have to move to the Pacific Northwest, though?
3 (9.1%)

21 (63.6%)

21 (63.6%)

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 07:34 pm
I'm giving myself December topics from that list I made way back in August. I really did think I was going to get to them then, but work turned really busy and then I was tired and then I got Dragon Age Inquisition. Really all I want to do all the time is read, think, play, and talk about Dragon Age. Don't worry, I'll spare you. Today's discovery was the podcast Dragon Age Off the Record, which I think will be my new running podcast for a while.

December meme posts
9 thoughts on participating in mini_wrimo
11 thoughts on podcasting
13 this adulthood thing now, or why do people trust me with stuff?
16 some vid recs
18 contxt report from July of some of my favorite panels.  At this point will probably be fuzzy but then we'll see what really stuck
21 settling into my current house
22 why I love Dragon Age

If you have something you'd like me to write about, let me know with an unclaimed date and I'll add it. Dec 23-27 are off-limits because I'll be out of town and afk.

I was sick this weekend. What I thought was a stress headache on Thursday turned out to be the prelude to an awful cold that knocked me out Friday through Sunday. I stayed home from work on Monday too as I was still snotty and gross, but I was coming out of it by then, thank goodness. I haven't had a cold this bad in a long time. Most of the time with colds I have that inner debate about whether I'm really sick enough to stay home because my brain seems all right for thinking. I usually do at least work from him to keep from spreading germs, but this time my body noped out and was like sleep and read. That's it. That's all you can do.

Yesterday evening was my tiny community orchestra concert! We did double concertos and I played the bass solo part to Dittersdorf's Concertina Sinfonia with my sister on viola. It wasn't perfect, but we didn't fall apart, and I think it went pretty well overall. We also played Telemann's Double Viola Concerto, Bach's Concerto for Two Violins, plus a modern One Bow concerto where the violin, viola, and cello soloists all use the same bow while the accompanying orchestra plays pizzicato. That was a lot of fun.
Thursday, December 8th, 2016 09:02 am
Which you all appeared to be bored by. (sigh)

Yesterday and Tuesday night, crafting. More resin. Behind on photos (oh, my pretties are piling up in my photo cubicle...) (they are still pretty). Let me see, what was I doing...
* Undersea coaster (my first coaster)
* two different attempts at faux opals. I still much prefer the real thing. I want to make some faux boulder-opals, I think that would work with polymer clay, not resin.
* some tiny black things made with the leftover black resin from the faux opals
* part one of a frog-on-a-log; looking very promising
* part one of some wood in transparent-coloured resin (this was my first use of transparent colour in resin); I'm not sure if I'll leave it as is or pour another layer on it.

Also played around with alcohol ink for the first time. Splattered and dabbed some on big steel washers to make pendants. And got impatient, and did what I knew wouldn't work: attempted to do a resin dome with the Lisa Pavelka Magic-Glos... which didn't cure properly. (sigh). Did some more which I have sealed with Jo Sonja's Glaze Medium; not sure whether I will attempt doming on the sealed ones or not. Oh yes I will; the bits that did cure do look 200% nicer than leaving it flat.

And, inspired by this video, I set alcohol ink on fire. On purpose. Discovered a few things:
* one doesn't get the pretty effects on washers; I think the surface area is too small, and the shape is not suited for it; just got a ring of dark ink around the edges and lighter ink in the middle.
* 70% isopropyl alcohol doesn't catch on fire very well. Methylated spirits do, however.
* doing the splatter-and-set-on-fire thing on ceramic tiles... looks fabulous. I've done two -- I have a pile of ceramic tiles which have been set aside to do "draw on with sharpies and blend them with alcohol" decoration, but forget that, the proper alcohol ink is much better. I will do more of these.
* be very very very careful when doing this. I was perhaps not quite as careful as I should have been, but nothing caught fire that shouldn't have. I did lean back in alarm at one point, though. 8-P
* always wear gloves when working with alcohol ink. Otherwise your hands will inevitably get stained. I did wear gloves, but then I took them off, and... I did a lot of scrubbing in the bath this morning. And the stains are gone, apart from a few stubborn bits under my fingernails.

I need to do some serious decluttering. (sigh)
Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 07:55 pm
Things I think are important
Things that make me go hmmm Things that make me cranky
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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 10:54 pm
E. Lewis, Wools and How to Use Them (2d ed., 1884): promotional guide as much as anything, and full of faux-encouraging assumptions, such as one's desire to knit socks or stockings above all else (men's first, of course, and quite fine at 89 stitches around). Lewis's quick navigation of position and expectation fascinates me---we wouldn't want to seem too leisured, nor too spendthrift. Already in place as of 1884: bit more, incl. Birmingham )

I have wondered at times why English and many US knitters think that cuff-down is the only way to knit proper socks. When did it start?---when knitting reached England, as part of an inheritance of whichever tradition(s) brought it there, or as a local(ish) preference given the prevalence of sock clocks, or...?