Friday, November 21st, 2014 06:36 pm
1. I'm going to go see the Orion test flight launch!!!!

The what you ask? NASA is testing their Orion capsule, the next thing that will take humans somewhere in outer space, so they're putting an unmanned capsule on a rocket and seeing how it goes. I'm super excited! I've never been to Kennedy Space Center and the launch is on a Delta IV heavy lift rocket which is going to be amazing!

2. A thing I was part of the team that made it at work was a background image on this week's ep of Agents of SHIELD! I haven't actually seen the ep, since I'm behind, but one of my co-workers took a screencap. This is the second time work that I do has crossed streams with my fandoms.

3. There was chili-mac in the cafeteria for lunch today! Our cafeteria is not bad, but chili-mac is one of their best things and we haven't yet figured out the schedule for when it comes out, but it's usually on a Friday.

Friday, November 21st, 2014 06:23 pm
So this premiered at vividcon and it's one of those vids that given the song I wouldn't expect it to work, but it does really well here. It's all about Thor's journey.

Warning: very fast cuts

Light & Thunder by Kitty ([ profile] winterevanesce or [ profile] winterevanesce)

Vid post where you can go leave feedback!
Friday, November 21st, 2014 01:06 pm
I have not made progress on any sort of yarncraft in November. This is mostly understandable: the puzzle ball is stalled in What If I Get It Wrong mode, the baby sweater hasn't been started, and NaNoWriMo means I am spending most of my "free" time writing, not yarning. Plus, there is a sort of inertia issue where setting up the crafting stuff takes a lot of effort, so for one thing I tend to be disinclined to do crocheting when I have a short amount of time so would spend 75% of the time setting up and 20% putting away and only 5% actually crocheting, and for another thing I am lazy and it is easier to refresh ravelry than get out crocheting supplies.

But even though my body is all inertia-y and lazy, my brain is in MAKE ALL THE THINGS mode.

list o stuffs, all rav links )

I think that some of the make-all-the-things impulse is, like, the same thing that is me wanting to do cross-stitch. It's unreleased creativity that my body can't really do any more (or at least do easily) that I want to be able to do in the way that I did before. I want to do cross-stitch; I want to knit normally, using whatever size yarn and whatever size needles; I don't care about crocheting normally because I never did that and my current method works, but I want to be able to crochet objects larger than a dishcloth without having the fabric get in my way or having problems flipping at the ends of rows; I want to be able to use a yarn needle again, for weaving in ends and for sewing things.

I want to, and I can't, and my brain hasn't willingly caught up to my body's limitations.
Friday, November 21st, 2014 09:02 am
There's fannish and gamer content that will be around eventually, I do promise that. It's just I have projects I want to be done with now, even though I'm nowhere close, and so I'm kind of obsessing on the knitting front.

I think the problem is that I have this shawl I'm making, based off this LaLa's simple shawl pattern, and it's really warm and cozy - and huge. I'm at the point where it's taking an hour to finish a single row, which is just a little wearing. I supposedly have two skeins of yarn left to go on this shawl, but I'm strongly considering binding off early into those two skeins and then using whatever is left of them to add to a "leftovers" blanket. (Basically a zig-zag blanket made up of whatever skeins of yarn of worsted weight that I can get at least half a dozen rows out of. I make feather and fan scarves out of leftovers that are even shorter than the zig-zag blanket leftovers, and I don't worry about thickness of the yarn for those. I like the eclectic, bohemian look.)

Some day, my whole house will be filled with luxury handknits I've made myself. Except maybe they won't be in my tv room. I love my dad, but he has a tendency to ruin blankets of any kind. It's not his fault, but I do need to take care nevertheless.

I want to make another blanket. Not a leftovers blanket, just a throw that's color-coordinated. I love knitting blankets, I've decided, and a ten stitch blanket should be portable and easily picked up as needed, especially for taking to game. I have some gorgeously soft cotton baby yarn, but no impending babies to knit for. I might make it for the kidlet, though, since he doesn't like wool yarn, but he does like blankets and things made for him. The problem, of course, is deciding which of the ten stitch blanket designs that I would like to use.

The problem is that I have two sets of possibilities that I like a little more than the soft cotton baby yarn. I have eight skeins of yarn in (mostly) coordinating shades of blues and purples (and some blacks, it's multicolor), and I have a different set of yarn in grays and blacks. Either set can be matched easily if it needs to be filled out with Cascade 220 in coordinating colors (or neutrals). So basically I have three potential blankets I could make, and I don't know which I want to.

If only I could get that damn shawl finished. Seriously, it's taking me two hours a night and I'm just getting two rows done. (Last night I got through Elementary and Vampire Diaries while knitting.) This is too much. I'm on 60 inch circs and I know it's bigger than that.

Quick Vampire Diaries spoilers. )
Thursday, November 20th, 2014 10:30 pm
I am not allowed to blow things with genitals at Purple. Leaves are okay. Leaves don't have genitals. Leafs, as in the hockey players, are right out. At a distance of greater than a quarter-mile, the likelihood of an exact fix is low enough as to render nearly any angle allowable. At a distance of a quarter-mile or nearer, direction again becomes important.

It took us at least five minutes to wind the conversation to a point where I was no longer laughing too hard to drive.

Purple had parked in the other direction, and asked if he could bum a ride back to his car if I'd like him to walk me out. So that's what we did.

I managed to trip on a perfectly flat section of floor in the cafeteria. Purple finds skirts impractical and feels no need to wear them.

"Cousin Purple" is having Thanksgiving with his one friend's family.

The day was transcription, punctuated by someone's network switch going spare and getting its internet taken away. Plus the inevitable fallout from same: the "oh my god I can't reach this tool it's a network problem" and the "holy shit, how do we report an outage" and the "let us contemplate the ways in which our communication between Engineering and IT is fucked" conversation -- it was a bit of a busy day.

I explained in very small words to an IT manager (on behalf of a #VirtualH and #adventuresofstnono compatriot) why the fuck whitelisting email addresses in the tool that blocks email from unfamiliar addresses and furthermore mangles unfamiliar links, will not work for the purposes of having unfamiliar links in logs from strange servers included as text attachments not being fucking mangled by the mangler. Fuck.

Apparently my arguably passive-aggressive means of getting our friend the person incoherently in charge of the helldesk software (3rd tier, I think) to admit that a function went away, is to ask her to explain how such and such a task is accomplished with that set of permissions.

Today was my second time walking an engineer through a really poorly designed form in a way that didn't make the engineer feel stupid, but did hone the rage and hatred of everyone involved. (The first time was Mr. Zune. The 0th time was me vs. the helpdesk.) I am particularly acrimonious about this particular form as this is one of the ones where my usability concerns have been basically brushed off. It's one of the things where using it as it comes naturally is not how it's intended to be used -- if you leave any text in the terrible field before hitting the search icon because your first attempt has failed, the text in the terrible field will invisibly filter the results in the popup. And there is no way to clear the terrible field from the search popup. It makes strong-minded engineers frustrated past their safety-release-valve thresholds, and it makes me incoherent with rage and hatred, and pathetically grateful when the engineers agree just how terrible it is.

It turns out that Dolohov, as he is played in Alternity (the little bits I've seen, as I'm still intermittently catching up with Year 1) makes my inner submissive look thoughtfully around for the kneepads. (Kneeling is good for many purposes, not just the ones that would make Purple look sternly at me and ascertain that I was oriented correctly away. It was only when [personal profile] woggy mentioned a thing that I realized that this would have that implication.)

Purple swears he will remember the Catching Fire disc tomorrow.

Fishie is the perfect child because she loves the jellybeans I hate.

The guy who isn't usually at the burrito station cannot wrap a burrito properly. Jokes about his popularity amongst stoners ensued.

NaNo: not going so great (haven't really had the energy). I'm feeling OK about it.
Thursday, November 20th, 2014 11:12 pm
Yesterday Mark finished watching Farscape.

For the last three months reading his reviews has been my mid morning break at work. Lot of good memories and a lot of love for the first show that sucked me into fandom.

I still kinda want to do a Farscape rewatch, but I don't know when I'll have time.