Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 12:38 am
Fallen off the Something-Every-Day wagon, but climbing back on again.

I've been pondering about different types of (hand-made) cords and what might make one choose one over another. Because of course they aren't all the same, and their different characteristics have advantages and disadvantages for different applications.

So I'll consider a few categories to compare.

Dense: is the cord dense, that is, tightly woven, or is it more open and lacy?
Width depends on: the width of the cord can be affected by two things - the thickness of the yarn which goes into making the cord, and/or the size of the tool used in making the cord (such as the size of the knitting needle or crochet hook)
Strands: the usual number of different strands required by the cord; I don't include "two strands used as if they are one strand" in this. The number of strands affects the number of different colours of yarn which can be used in the cord.
Pre-cut strands: does this method require the strands of yarn to be cut beforehand?
Length limit: what things affect the length of the final cord?
Speed: is the cord slow or fast to make?
Portability: how portable is the making of this cord?
Plainness: is the cord very plain, or is it more decorative?
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So that's my pondering, hope it was interesting and/or useful to somebody.
Monday, May 25th, 2015 08:35 am
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#my favorite Tom Cruise role ever

#turning a small child into a vampire so your lover will be forced to co-parent with you and won’t leave you: get on Lestat’s level

I keep waiting for a gay vampire movie but then i remember Interview with a Vampire happened and literally it cannot get any more homoerotic camp than Brad Pitt being all “omfg I’m reborn as a denizen of hell” while Tom Cruise basically serenades him with the music of the night 
Monday, May 25th, 2015 07:43 am
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“Sometimes, burning bridges is the only way that can prevent you from going back to places you should never have been in the first place.”
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Monday, May 25th, 2015 06:52 am
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“You’re a brave girl. I’m so lucky to have seen you grown.”


Every time I watch this movie I cry. Ugly cry. With snot.
Sunday, May 24th, 2015 06:35 pm
Last night I went to a star party of the astronomy club of a guy I know at work and saw Venus glaring, Jupiter and four of his moons plus stripes in the atmosphere, and Saturn with rings and one, maybe two moons. Mind blown. Also, M81 and M82 galaxies that were mostly smudges, the blown debris of a star that went nova that was also mostly a smudge, a bunch of airplanes that we did not paint with laser pointers because that's illegal, several satellites, and what was probably the uninhabited Chinese space station.

My work friend is one of those people who knows everything and loves it all, so it was a lot fun and a lot of information overload, and I actually remembered some of what I learned once upon a time about how starts form the elements and how you know whether a star is first or second (or more) generations old. I learned a lot more about constellations and contemplated our place in time when he pulled out a stack of index cards with the constellations on them and an interesting fact about what was happening on Earth when the light left each star, ~ 70, 100, 150, 400 years ago. All in all a good night.
Sunday, May 24th, 2015 08:25 am
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“Starbuck to all Vipers, do not fire.”
Sunday, May 24th, 2015 07:58 am
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Bismuth crystal.
Sunday, May 24th, 2015 07:06 am
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“A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care of Your Human” 
Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 03:34 pm
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