Thursday, July 24th, 2014 07:07 pm

I didn't realize that I hadn't updated in a *month*. Oops.

School finally ended, but not before I was sick enough to have to leave after one class and miss the next day. Came back for the last day of class, even though I really should have stayed home, but I couldn't miss the last day!

I've posted some school pics on my tumblr ('life in china' tag).

Actually went to a doctor, and wasn't that an experience! They love IV meds here. Three days of lying there for an hour and a half with an iv in my hand. Felt better, no fever. Great.

A week later, the sore throat and fever were back. Four more days of iv antibiotics with a bonus injection in my ass. I thought I was getting sick again a week later (earlier this week), but it was a false alarm.

Today I had to go out to do the physical exam required for my visa. It was easier this time as there weren't any lines at the stations. Height/weight (haven't gained any since school let out. yay). Blood pressure (folks, if my bp were that high, I'd've keeled over by now). Eye exam. Quickie hearing check. Chest x-ray. Blood draw. Pee-in-a-cup (omg, could they use smaller cups? because it's not gross enough to have to use the squatty potty, I just don't have that good of aim (it's like trying to pee into one of those crystal light drink mix cups)).

There was also an abdominal ultrasound... which revealed that I have gallstones. *facepalm*

Phonics camp was cancelled, and one of one-on-one students quit for the summer, and another's on holiday... so I've not been busy. I try to get out of the apartment every day, even if it's only to go to the convenience store for bottled water. I think I've only stayed inside all day two or three times in the past three weeks. :)

The weather has been mixed. Decent days and awful days. It's so nice having a/c, even though it's expensive. My usual electric bill is between 55-65rmb. The first one with a/c was 325. Granted, I was running it at a lower temp then. 20 when I first got it, 26 during the day now, 25, sometimes 24, at night. I'm still comfortable, though you can no longer hang meat in the bedroom.

Tour de Fleece started on July 5, and I've been faithfully spinning every day. I take a pic every morning of what I accomplished the day before, but I've yet to post any of these on the appropriate ravelry forums. Oops. I've shared some pics on tumblr ('spinning' tag).

Yes, I am too lazy to put in the links. Sorry about that. It's been a long day.

I'm not really getting anything accomplished during all this downtime. I'm doing better with keeping up with taking out the trash. I sorta cleaned out the fridge. Okay, I did deal with Mao's room, and that's now in order. Got all the winter gear stowed. But there's still so much to do, and each day I mean to do stuff and just... don't. *sigh*

I'm constantly tired. That doesn't help matters. Not sleeping well at night leads to excessive napping. I don't have anywhere to be tomorrow, so tonight I'm going to stay up as late as I can manage. I tend to go to bed when I get bored and only a little tired, then wake up an hour or two later and can't get back to sleep.


Thursday, July 24th, 2014 02:01 pm
UKR: Об одинадцятій десять поїхали вже танки - дві штуки, і з ними ЗІЛ чи щось на кшталт нього. А зараз повертався камаз і одна БМП. А де ще три і бобік? Ні, я все розумію, війна, вони нас тут якось своєрідно захищають, але нащо дороги псувати? Ну станьте собі в зоні бойових дій і стійте там.

RUS: В одиннадцать десять поехали уже танки - две штуки, и с ними ЗИЛ или что-то вроде него. А сейчас возвращался камаз и одна БМП. А где еще три и бобик? Нет, я все понимаю, война, они нас тут как-то своеобразно защищают, но зачем дороги портить? Ну станьте себе в зоне боевых действий и стойте там.
Thursday, July 24th, 2014 10:43 am
UKR: Що за часи... Я вже розрізняю бойові машини. От зараз з Макиївки до пр. Мира поїхали бобік, чотири БМП і один Камаз. Здається, це батальон "Восток", але прапор в вебкамерах погано було бачити. Мабуть, там вивернуть на бік аеропорта. А потім обратно поїдуть, подивимось, у якій кількості. Дороги у жахливому стані. Раніше ще каталися з прапорами Осетії і Росії, сьогодні їх ще не бачила.

RUS: Что за времена... Я уже различаю боевые машины. Вот сейчас с Макеевки к пр. Мира поехали бобик, четыре БМП и один Камаз. Кажется, это батальон "Восток", но флаг в вебкамеру плохо было видеть. Видимо, там вывернут на сторону аэропорта. А потом обратно поедут, посмотрим, в каком количестве. Дороги в ужасном состоянии. Раньше еще ​​катались с флагами Осетии и России, сегодня их еще не видела.
Thursday, July 24th, 2014 12:22 am
Today at work, the security club had a lockpick intro/practice session. I picked a disembodied lock with two pins! I poked at one with four and one with six. Mr. Zune said that the one with four was actually harder than the one with six. He also mentioned that it was actually sort of amazing that he'd left his alma mater without picking up lockpicking skills. Since he wears the brass rat, that is sort of amazing. In addition to the various locks, they had a tabletop stunt door with a knob, a deadbolt, and a chain. I learned that my long hair and typical braid is good for having an excuse to have hairpins on me at any given time, given their utility in shimming carelessly-locked handcuffs.

Lunch involved Purple getting asked geopolitical questions by some of his buddies, and him holding forth a bit. He's generally sensible on the topic, it seems.

As my manager warned me might happen, dev work on my database has halted. At least we have a bit, or something?

I keep discovering horrible usability problems with various bits of the new helpdesk system. Today's shenanigans went a little off-script.

Consent and the helpdesk guy. )

I hadn't gotten to sleep until nearly 5am last night. Purple gave me a few helpful suggestions by way of commiseration, which included a brief digression on milk substitutes for the lactose intolerant, and their likely effectiveness as a sleep aid.

Somehow it went from "hey, I might get out of here early!" to "oh god it's fuckin' late", but at least Purple found the bug he was looking for! At some point I must ask him whether it really does make sense to park where he does, but tonight was not that night. Purple did earn a "Best $NAME" due to some wisecrack. Also, even if the Randomizer were huggy in the absence of my manager, would I even want hugs from him? (No.)

I'm due an early-morning email presence to round people up for Second Thursday (reprise) (which is actually this Friday) and then I can finish setting up the meetings for next week's research participants. Whee!
Thursday, July 24th, 2014 09:28 am
UKR: Кінь зовсім забуває, що таке бути верховим конем. Тому що більшу частину часу він їсть, а я - отак.

І отакRead more... )

RUS: Конь совершенно забывает, что такое быть верховым конем. Так как большую часть времени он ест, а я - так.

И так.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 07:46 pm
Dear Troublefest Writer,

Yay! We matched! )
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 06:23 pm
Today Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Troublesfest in Haven fandom, and I'm so torn about it!

On the one hand, I almost always regret signing up for stuff because I'm not the best at writing to spec and deadlines are a thing and even with a minimum word count I almost always go way over because sometimes I'm incapable of writing short. Also I did not factor another short story into my yearly plan, and I'm trying not to go off the rails like I did last year.

On the other hand, I'm completely obsessed with Haven right now and I know I should ride the wave before it burns out. Also, I want to have more Haven fic to read, and part of that is being part of the community who writes it.

On the third hand, I'm already writing a Haven crossover, so I don't know where to factor that into the crazy matrix of yes or no.

On the fourth irrelevant hand, I really need to update my icon collection. I'm like four fandoms behind what I'm into...

ETA: Yeah, I totally signed up. :D
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 12:46 pm
I miss writing fic.

I know the logical answer is: then write. But I feel like I keep flubbing it, that I've forgotten something critical. (Possibly the gives no fucks part of it.)

I miss it. I miss it terribly and fiercely.

So fuck it. I'm going to write in my obscure little fandom and try to have fun and not give a shit about doing things ~right.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 08:33 am
Francesca Forrest, Pen Pal (2013): self-published by choice, I think with good reason. Em lives in Mermaid's Hands, off the coast of New Orleans; her message in a bottle is found by Kaya, imprisoned above a caldera in a small fictional nation near Indonesia. Both keep journals, which offer counterpoint to the exchanged correspondence and flesh out the characters as well as round out certain silences, things one wouldn't share with even a sympathetic stranger. Improbably (I was really wondering how it'd work!), Em and Kaya find common ground in their respective senses of personal and cultural identities, shifting community, political marginalization, and truths twisted by others---which sounds too cold for the warmth of the tale and its connections, but that's how I roll, I guess.

I enjoyed this book more than I'd expected to: it's key that the narrative keeps similarities distinct without lumping them together as "same."
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 01:29 am
Contrary to (everyone's) expectations, Purple worked from work this afternoon. He missed lunch (he'd had a thing offsite at noon) and duly commiserated with me when I dropped by mid-evening to swear about the new system. It came time to wrap up. We compared notes on how much work we had left. I watched him sign off all work IMs, and started making sure all my files were tucked in for the night. As I saved my daily worklog for what I thought was the last time of the day, I saw his icon pop up green again.

AzureJaneL: *raises an eyebrow*

He had forgotten that he had parked in the parking lot nearer his building, instead of the (larger) one nearer mine.

AzureJaneL: oh, ok, I'll come over -- oh. wait.

The parking lot at work nearest my building is, in my estimation, 99% safe. The 1% is that large white panel van which likes to go zooming across the parking lot very late in the dead of night when there are only two people out wandering the parking lot. I am by no means afraid or even uncomfortable walking to my car alone (as two people can get hit by one van as easily as one can).

I am a grown-ass adult. I will see my good buddy, my partner in crime, my occasional straight man, tomorrow.

We agreed that he'd walk me to my car, then I'd drive him to his. And so we did.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 12:55 am
Today at work, I nearly blacked out from rage. We have the aforementioned new shit, right? And it's a new thing, so I'm bouncing off it and locating zillions of petty little usability flaws and a handful of big ones. Over the course of ~six months of notice, a few hilariously tone-deaf communications, and not quite LiveJournal-esque oversells of the new shiny shit, a few hours of increasingly dubious training, and three days of actual use, I am nearly at bitch-eating-crackers levels of dislike.

I tried to file a ticket to request that a shared email address (the one that owns the calendar to track the research lab usage) be moved from the old system (may it rest the fuck in peace) to Exchange, but I bounced off a weird search interface, one which basically requires that you know the full name of the person you are looking for. I would be less cheesed if it were merely their commonly used full name, but no, it is the full name in some system which plays badly with maiden, former-married, and dead* names. There's someone on my team whose past name I have to remember just for moments like this.

* Dead name = generally the former name in the wrong gender of a transgender person. (Anyone at Virtual Hammer who has a dead name which needs to leave the system so your teammates don't have to REMEMBER YOUR DEAD NAME IN ORDER TO INTERACT WITH YOU ON P4 should contact someone in HRIS because that is a thing which can (with a little manual monkeying on the part of the HRIS person) and should be changed. The name of the HRIS guy in the QUILTBAG club is listed in the wiki under PerforceRename.)

So I filed a ticket against the name problem. My own manager's name is filed in my head to be typed as fl~autocomplete (where fl are her first and last initials); I have gotten her first name wrong continually while typing because it is fl~autocomplete. Because I wanted to illustrate the problem, I included the link to the page which illustrated the example I'd just bounced off of. Then I submitted and viewed the ticket to make sure it all made sense.

It did not make sense. Half or more of the ticket was cut off. The ticket auto-word-wraps, which is just fine and dandy, except that the size of the text box which contains the ticket is determined in part by the longest unbroken string within the box (like the aforementioned link) and part by whatever leftover space the overly aggressive margins decide you're going to have with the window width you've got. With the window width I'd got in my 1200x1600px portrait-orientation monitor, I had 54 characters (non-monospaced) worth of width. THAT'S NOT EVEN 80.

I flung myself out of my office chair in a rage and marched back to the corner where my ally in all stupid bullshit in new systems matters (the Stage Manager) lurked, blowing past Madam Standards and the Dogesitting Visual Designer, who attempted to hail me. I was in no fit mood for company.

Upon reaching the Stage Manager's office, I realized that my head was starting to swim and perhaps I should unclench and maybe start to, idk, breathe or something. Despite getting my Fitbit 1,000 mile badge today, I did not in fact fall down at the Stage Manager's door (right name, wrong guy).

Tomorrow when I see Madam Standards, I probably owe her an apology for blowing her off. (I dropped by the Dogesitter's cube and gave her an apology and a somewhat less spleenful version of the rant.)
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 09:10 am
Things in my life right now:

- I have started eating porridge for breakfast*. It is YUMMY.

- We went to a different church this week, which was awesome. Our regular church is quiet, solemn, and rather lifeless - as well as being quite challenging to meet people. This church is friendly, enthusiastic, and SINGS WITH GUSTO, which we've missed a great deal. (Not a comment on worship style, precisely. But when your church service feels more like a funeral, it becomes rather wearying.)

- The internet went down yesterday, taking away half my possible activities. *pines* Thankfully, it has now returned.

- Brought a huge amount of wool to Germany with me, with the intention of making a huge blanket that would
a) keep me warm
b) occupy my crocheting time for several months, in case I couldn't find more wool here.
I am now utterly sick of my half-finished blanket, and am plotting trips to wool shops to buy supplies for making baby things. It would be rather ludicrous to teach myself to crochet and not make my baby crocheted things, after all.

- Have finished Veronica Mars (except the movie). It's rather fun.

- Am getting kicked awake at 3am every morning, and thus missing out on a proper night's sleep. Can't wait until this kid is born, so that it can actually be put down away from my internal organs once in a while.

* My appetite being somewhat increased by pregnancy, it's actually my third breakfast of the day, following yoghurt and cereal.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 12:44 am
Title: Ray Love (Fanart)
Characters: Ray/Ray and Fraser
Rating: G
Summary: The Rays are getting along and Fraser couldn't be happier.

Ray Love )
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 12:32 am
Title: Dief and Turtle's Day Off: Midnight's Day Off
Characters: Dief and Midnight
Rating: G

day off )
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 04:22 pm
Or really, why (in my humble opinion) Marvel's kicking DC's ass so hard that people are in tune with the name Marvel and not the individual superheroes that comprise DC (essentially nothing but Batman and Superman).

Some thinky thoughts presented in a rambling fashion )
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 11:01 am
Seeing as how [ profile] mylittleredgirl and I are discussing [ profile] sparktober, which we do every now and again, I got nostalgic for SGA/SG1 fic. Specifically, for telepathy and soulbonding fics.

Any chance that anyone here can rec them? ETA: Rec your own, if you've written it!

To be fair, I'm not just looking for Elizabeth/John fic, but for basically any SGA or SG1 soulbonding or telepathy fic. Help, please?

(Er, except I am not looking for Jack/Daniel or Sheppard/McKay fics. Nothing wrong with them! Just not my cup of tea.)