Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 03:13 pm

It's a month and four days until my birthday. Brent wants me to put together a birthday list.

I almost have enough money for a new mobile phone. My old one's hardware and software are failing. It's still on Android Froyo (2.2). The one I'm looking at is the Moto X. I really like it and think it would work well for me.

I love my new bike. I miss Buttercup, but I like Ambassador Mollari. Today's weather would be perfect for riding on the Trace, but I just ... I'm exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well so I'm going to bed very early. I might even take something. I haven't put the baskets on Ambassador Mollari yet, but I keep thinking about it. They weigh about ten pounds or so; I just am enjoying the speediness of a basketless bike right now.

I'm skipping the shire meeting tonight. I don't think it would be a good idea to deal with them right now. I'm still annoyed with them. (I guess annoyed is better than furious.)

I guess I'll put together a birthday list for Brent. I've been thinking about it and I really only want a couple of things - this really neat desk notepad made in the workshop created by Gustave Eiffel, and a couple of the Espionage Nailed-It! nail wraps. Silly things, really.

The landlord came by and painted the door and door frame yesterday and fixed the weatherstripping today. He noted we were home late yesterday and I explained we'd just gotten back from a D&D game. He asked if that was anything like the Games Workshop games. I said it was similar but different and then he dropped the bombshell that his son works for Games Workshop and has for ten years! Wow!

I'm picking up the last of the Mummy's Mask books today. I am ready to read it! I'm ready to see how the adventurers are supposed to defeat an immortal mummy lord! It can't be as easy as it was for Evie and Jonathan and O'Connell.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 01:24 pm
So the non-spoilery crux of it is: If the show keeps giving me Abbie and Jenny, I'm sticking with it to the end.

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 09:17 am
It's almost never true when someone describes a handmade gift thus. One that has worked for me: RedGateStitchery sells laser-cut bamboo and plastic cross-stitch blanks on Etsy. I bought one some months ago, and during a moment of pique, I fetched it out and stitched it, copying her photo from another page. (She also sells finished ones and kits that include floss and a needle; there are free-to-use grids if you can make or get another source of . . . what does one call the cloth or in this case bamboo that is stitched? A manuscripts person would say "support"---that's the parchment or paper that receives the ink---but "another source of support" is all wrong here.)

Time elapsed: less than an hour, including the minutes spent freeing a broken bit of needle and finding a smaller one. I've no idea what sizes my old needles are, but she's right that a narrow one is needed to fit amongst not only unyielding wood but adjacent cotton floss, towards the end. The stitch where a bit of pink floss is caught is the one before the first needle broke.

And now I have a thing to bestow the next time I need a random small gift, provided that the recipient is someone who doesn't mind pendants. Since I have one more blank, I'll pick brighter colors next time from my tiny stash of 20+ year old cotton floss.
20140921_125929 20140921_143028

One should probably have stitched something else ever before undertaking wood; it'd also help with eyeballing best path and keeping the back relatively tidy. It's not hard as these things go, even so---I am not journeyperson-level and probably will never be!---and is thus suitable for an quick sense of accomplishment. Remember this beast, 1995–2010? [Wow. What *I* had forgotten is that that post was the same day as my "Reason is one month old" post.]

p.s. Word of mouth works mysteriously. I saw RedGateStitchery mentioned on a Y! Groups lace knitting list.
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 01:12 am
Purple has successfully identified my "You are the best Purple" expression. It is very much like the "That is a sufficiently bad pun that I will now gently punch you in the arm" expression. Which makes sense, in a kindergarten dynamics sort of fashion. He teased me about this.

Friday was the Finding Nemo day, but I had stuff to do. I am amused by the snacks -- goldfish crackers and blue-and-green M&Ms are the bestworst movie snack ever. I cross-checked with Purple, who was likewise busy. We got out of the office surprisingly early, and then spent quite some time lollygagging about in the parking lot chatting.

[personal profile] sithjawa wins some sort of prize for selfie with large, slightly perturbed, Rhode Island Red cock.

I slept through most of the weekend, despite bottomless mimosa brunch and Folsom Street Fair both being scheduled for Sunday. I did go over to Guide Dog Aunt's for a movie, and then out on Sunday night to retrieve some nacho fries.

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Are you familiar with the "Big Bang" style fanwork challenge? In the most general terms, first there's the general theme of the challenge, then writers prepare some fic within the bounds of the challenge (generally long-form), then artists get the fic and illustrate it (not always visual art). They're posted anonymously for a short time, then the authors and artists are revealed. A "Reverse Big Bang" is where the art comes first and the fic comes second.


The Bad Bang: Like A Big Bang ... But Terrible. [personal profile] norabombay played in that one. The idea is: deliberately terrible art & deliberately terrible fic. It's horrifying and wonderful. I was content to just giggle at the various injokes until Nora basically grabbed me by the ear and made me pinch-hit for Bad Bang II: Bang Backwards.

The collection is still unrevealed, so I can't say which one I did. I can say that lb and StPatience quoted their favorite bits of it back to me, which is really hilariously gratifying. I feel like it may have the seeds of a decent crackfic if I, you know, ran spellcheck or bothered to correct typoes. Or engaged a beta reader who felt like doing his actual job.

I finished reading The Winter Long, so now I can go in search of spoiler-laden discussions! This was the book which made me decide that I totally need to hook Purple on these next, because I was going through and saying "I have got to go "aaaaaaa" at him about this!" and that sort of requires, you know, the first nine books in the series. Not that the first nine are sub-par! Far from it! But I sort of need to get him up to speed. After he finishes Parasite.

Purple knows a lot of people, and doesn't always have the best attention span on earth, so he can be prone to social swiping the way some people get nerdswiped. Case in point: today! Purple sent out the lunch call, but on his way to the cafeteria, he ran into his not-boyfriend (the guy who less-heteronormative people mistake for his boyfriend the way more-heteronormative people mistake me for his girlfriend) and his team, who were just headed out of the cafeteria because nothing there looked good. So they all went offsite for lunch, unexpectedly. (Me, texting: "Invisible Purple?" Purple, on IM, slightly later: "Sorry about that...")

Conferred with lb about the thing.

Friday's helldesk release was apparently uneventful. I did some poking and wikiwork and identified some of the requirements that had been fulfilled, and documented how to use some of them.

This time, Purple waited slightly for me to wrap up. At a sensible hour, even! We talked math class and terrible math jokes and childhood and college. He got to talking about some particularly tricky bit of debugging, with a program that was really not amenable to having picked apart where it goes wrong under some certain circumstances. And how somebody had to step up "and throw yourself on the grenade." And he paused, and looked at me. "Thank you for throwing yourself on that grenade so I don't have to," he said.

I gave him a quick sideways hug, and then we talked about the composition of the rag-tag group of scrappy yellathon enthusiasts who are determined to face up to the helldesk software.

I ate some dodgy pine nuts this weekend, so I am "enjoying" the bizarre aftertaste to my food.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2014 08:12 pm
I have pictures to post of the chainmaille dragon I commissioned from my friend that's in bi pride colors, and also of some things I crocheted* and some stuff I made out of fondant/marzipan, BUT.

I am really tired right now. And I have to get up early in the morning. So sleep, then pics tomorrow. Which, (not) incidentally, is Bi Pride Day, woo!

* Among these things are a bunch of stuff that I made since I started working with chunky weight yarn, including a griffin that's basically just like the ones I made with worsted weight yarn but bigger. In fact, it looks like a parent griffin to the smaller/"standard" sized ones, and I have an adooooorable picture of it hugging/protecting the white griffin and just - yes ♥ Cannot wait to share, but need sleep more.
Monday, September 22nd, 2014 04:29 pm
So I tried playing Minecraft on my PC (knowing it's going to bother my arm, but I should be okay if I don't do too much at a time), and ... it's unbearably laggy. I mean, the first thing I tried was a multiplayer server, so I thought it was just that, but then I tried singleplayer and it's still unplayable.

Things I have done:

* Turned all video settings down to craptastic-but-fast
* Deleted Minecraft and did a clean reinstall
* Run without mods (since I hadn't gotten around to installing any)
* Made sure java was up to date
* Ran a virus scan
* Rebooted my computer

It still lags terribly, even looking around from the spawn point of a new Peaceful world.

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 08:45 am
Dandelion Family (kdrama, 2010; 1-25 so far of 50 eps): weekend "family drama," which all but requires having several adult children in the main family, each to highlight a particular circumstance. Frail, pretty Ji Won is married to a rich dentist who cannot spare a gram of kindness, such that she becomes quieter and quieter; impatient Mi Won lives with her hapless, often jobless boyfriend, a son born during their college years having hindered both their chances; cheerful Hye Won wants not to be like either sister and decides that she'll pursue a career (dept store sales/marketing) instead of marrying, which tells the viewer that she'll end up with the marital love match by the show's end. You perceive that this pattern is one reason why I adore Go Hwa Jeong's sense of conviction in Miss Korea. The father has worked abroad for some years and has now been passed over for a promotion to company president, partly because the ignorant, well-meaning mother has worked so earnestly to offer gifts that her efforts are accounted as bribery. Other early characters include the neighbor guy employed by a gym who harbors a crush on Ji Won (he's also the platonic confidant in H.I.T.), the younger child and only son of a traditional family who's told to become engaged within a fortnight (Ha Rim in Coffee Prince), and Hye Won's harassing senior colleague.

I don't know anything about the usual pacing of a fifty-ep weekend show; for this one, circa ep. 20 things change markedly for several characters. Circa ep. 23 I started caring less, since it seemed that we would be churning for a long time before reaching endpoints that are clear already. I will finish, but I'm not exactly excited for more bouts of domestic violence and (separately) a clumsy felon before we get there.

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Also: the setup may be a remix of a Saimon Fumi manga, which was made into a live-action jdrama, Hanawake no yon shimai [link will work after I watch four more eps]. Dandelion is 2010, jdrama Hanawa is 2011, and I can't find a date for Saimon's manga in English-language corners of the internet.
Monday, September 22nd, 2014 07:48 am
Going into the last quarter, I've accomplished 4,320 of the 10,000 goals from the 100/100 list I made. Since the whole idea of the 50/50 list was only to achieve 50%, I'm sticking with that even though it's not as... symmetrical for it to be 100/100/50.

Goals I have completely accomplished this year are:

1. Think up 100 lists of 100 things
4. Download 100 songs from Freegal
5. Do 100 craft projects (not including art)
19. Fold 100 origami stars
28. Abandon 100 pieces of art/craft (ATCs, operation beautiful, cranes)
32. Watch 100 movies
34. Listen to 100 discs of audiobooks
58. 100 levels of 4 pics 1 word
59. 100 winning games of spider solitaire
61. 100 Sudoku puzzles
62. 100 levels of Bubble Blast II
63. 100 word searches
64. 100 levels of Mahjong
71. 100 circles
72. 100 squares
73. 100 triangles
74. 100 stars (I'm not happy with this one, though)
75. 100 hearts (not happy with this one, either)
76. 100 10 letter words
77. 100 15 letter words
78. 100 20 letter words
82. 100 adjectives that describe me
84. Think up a new 101 things in 1001 days list (technically I only needed 100 of those!)
91. Bake 100 dozen cookies

There are some I'm pretty close on, so hopefully over the next few weeks I'll have some more finishes. There are 17 that I have at least 50 of, so... I'd better get in gear! I'm going to try to upload some pictures of some of the prettier finished pages...
Monday, September 22nd, 2014 11:18 am
Took a week of sleep to recover from England - but the trip was definitely worth it!

On an entirely unrelated subject...
- At the end of season 2, Joyce finds out that Buffy is the Slayer.
- At the end of season 2, the American people find out about the President's MS.
- At the end of season 2, Lois finds out that Clark is Superman.
- At the end of the second movie, Mary-Jane finds out that Peter is Spiderman.

Coincidence? Or is it simply that two seasons is as long as a "main character has a secret" plot can run before it has to change?
Sunday, September 21st, 2014 08:02 pm
More diversity linkblogging, woo!

Have I mentioned lately that I find Dreamworks to be infinitely superior to Pixar and that, of the two, Dreamworks is the storyteller of my heart while Pixar is the storyteller of, "Eh, I guess it was kinda pretty?" Because that is definitely the case.

Exhibit A: Trailer for "Home", which about an alien invasion and stars a young black woman. (Possibly a pre-teen, since she was apparently 11 or something in the book(???), but given the pitch of her voice and the fact that she owns/drives a car, I guessed older.) Someone reserve me a ticket NOW, because I am watching the hell out of this movie ASAP.

In other diversity news, Corinne Duyvis would like to announce that her debut novel, Otherbound, is currently on sale at Amazon Kindle for under $5 USD. To quote directly from her Tumblr account: "It’s got alternate worlds, trauma, rogue princesses, disabled & queer protags of color, storms, death curses—and some other things I guess?"

If you want to support diverse characters and authors (the author is autistic, bi, and ADD) while saving a little money, and don't mind doing so through Amazon, this could be the book for you! You can read Jim C. Hines' review of the book here, and Bisexual Books' review here. Both reviews naturally contain some spoilers.

Just for extra fun and information, the Bisexual Books review opens like so:

I think we’ve all seen those posts where some douchebro is like “not every thing needs a bisexual low-income mute woman of color who use sign language or a one-legged epileptic Latino guy”. Those examples are done in the spirit of spiteful condescension, like it would be TOTALLY RIDICULOUS to have a story like that. Which is why it gives me exceptional pleasure to say:

Go home boys, Corinne Duyvis has just pwned you all.
Sunday, September 21st, 2014 03:12 pm
I've gotten in touch recently with the local HS robotics team to see if they can make gadgets that could help me -- e.g. with feeding myself -- and it seems likely that they can.

They also want me to mentor, on the programming side at least.

I am torn between ♥_♥ (because omg it sounds like fun) and sheer terror (because impostor syndrome, mainly; because my familiarity with C, which is a lot of what they use, is rusty as hell, because I recognize github but don't have a lot of practical expertise, because I haven't had a job in ages and never did anything productive with my programming skills and was never that good at it anyway and augh what am I doing), but at least so far I think I've managed to only express the enthusiasm at them.