Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 01:32 pm

I have a lot of tabs open that are interesting. Some of them are interesting just to me. Still. I'm going to share them and nothing short of taking away my computer (and if you do that I'll bite you, don't think I won't), you can't stop me. Neener.

Wholesale silver rings. Surprisingly inexpensive. I can't figure out the catch yet.

Uploading to Dreamwidth your pictures. Very bare bones. Haven't tried it out yet, but am sure it would work. Might try it out in a bit.

PACEMAKER. Many helpful. So wow. Excite! (No, really, take a look. Very helpful for working out a writing schedule that doesn't depend on me being in an absolutely foul mood.)

JSTOR....Iiiiiiiinnnnnnn.....SPAAAAAACE!!! Really. It's JSTOR's tumblr. It is the best thing since sliced bread. Who doesn't love JSTOR?

Agent Peggy Carter's lipstick. Straight from the mouth (er, twitter account) of Haley Atwell herself. No joke. Who wants a Peggy Carter cosplay? I DO. GIMME THOSE AWESOME SUITS AND HATS.

These I got from [personal profile] recessional. They look amazing and I want some. It'll have to wait until after I get paid in January, though. But I don't want to lose them.

THE WPA POSTERS IN POSTCARDS. Need I say more? I do? I could go on and on about these and how wonderful they are and how they're a precious restoration of an important time in America's want me to stop now? And put down the history books? Okay. For now. BUT LOOK AT THEM. AREN'T THEY SHINY.

The Mammen embroidery. I want to do up some of the Acanthus vines for some cuffs for Brent. Just because.

MEAN TEDDIES. (link to Youtube) You will take White Bear from me when I have finished ripping you apart with my nails and teeth. That bear is more precious to me than the Ring to Gollum. This Youtube video is all about how bears protect their children from the monsters. I cried. I'm tearing up thinking about it, so moving on. (WATCH IT.)

How to digitize your old sewing patterns and make them a vector image. Holy freaking salmon eggs, Batman! This is going to be SO helpful when I go to make a houppelande (spelling can change. WHY ENGLISH WHY). I'm sure [personal profile] zarhooie is going to be so proud of me.

A list of 25 candy recipes. I haven't tested any of them yet, but I will. I will.

One of the recipes from the above list that caught my eye besides the peanut butter buckeyes. Cinnamon sugar pecans. I love pecans. They are so good and sugared? I will make myself sick.

The Story of How We Got Clue the Movie (and I love this movie). It's from Buzzfeed, but it seems pretty good. And it is dreadfully funny. Go have a read! Laugh a bit! Then enjoy the movie a little bit more.

It's Calming Manatee and Courage Wolf, Together At Last! (takes you to Tumblr) It is a thing of wonder. I want to print out some and take it to work when I go back. IT WILL RULE MY OFFICE.

CAT COLOURWAY YARN. RUN, DO NOT WALK, AND GET THIS YARN. (I'm a fan of the Silver Persian, the Maine Coon, the Russian Blue....heck, all of them, really. Except maybe the Cheshire Cat. Maybe. I don't know. It's warming up to me.)

Browned Butter Toffee Chocolate Chunk Cookies. It sounds almost too busy, but I'm willing to try and make them. We'll see how they go.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 09:13 am
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Partially inspired by a particularly well-timed quote from Seanan Mcguire. I’m rather fond of this one.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 09:01 pm
Who wants to play Fallen London with me? :3
Anyone? Beuller?
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 08:26 pm
I have now rearranged my December talking meme schedule to reflect reality since I took the weekend off. Sorry to people who got pushed down the line - I will get to them!

[personal profile] melannen  said: Talk about a fanfic that you really wish existed, but doesn't

So I've been thinking about this one for a few days, and I contemplated doing something like what I did with the crossovers list and put several up, but I think I'm going to just stick with one fic for this post because it's one I'm working on (for values pre-2014), that I've been stuck on, that's made me cry because I can't figure it out, made me giggle because I love some of the scenes I've written, and one that I am determined to finish one day just to prove that I can write a story of this scope.

It's the Merlin Epic of Doom, that I started after season 3, way back in 2011. I was going to try and finish it for a big bang, which didn't happen. And since then I've decided I need to rewrite a huge chunk of the beginning because the pov's are all messed up. All that aside, it's the story I need from Merlin like burning.

spoilers for Merlin season 3 and the story I will one day eventually write )
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 04:32 pm
"Wee Hieland Coo" acrylic coaster kit by Textile Heritage, shown completed except for encoastering:

In 2006 or 2007, I bought TH's thistle coaster kit in British Columbia. They seem to have been discontinued---this one was a "buy it now" Ebay purchase. Since the thistle is mine, this new coaster is Reason's. She giggled every time I pronounced "wee hieland coo" semi-correctly, so I dug up a skit involving several Scottish accents on YouTube.

Our small table seats four; if I could find two more coaster kits of similarly low profile, I'd make them. Any leads? Previously I made a set of four and gave two to my mother, two to darkforge's, but their acrylic is quite chunky. Both mothers have them displayed on a side table, not in use, heh. And I still hate Aida cloth, but the coo makes good easing back into stitching, now that it seems that Reason won't ruin such projects. (She may still damage them by mistake, but the inevitability has passed.) Projects left undone for several years and now brought out of a box: a winter stocking, needlepoint on something too stiff to be canvas; evenweave cloth replacing Aida with a purchased kit; not yet begun Autumn by Indigo Rose, to go with Winter. Funny how the "set of four" link above mentions the same paused projects.
[those links go to reqfd because I "need to be done," says Reason, waiting patiently for me to draw candy canes that she can cut out; will fix later]
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 10:16 am
World news, especially the terrorism in Australia and Pakistan, is making my optimism wobbly. U.S. news had already been doing that for me.

I don't know that I have much else to say, but as an antidote to the news, Discovery's cutest baby animal pictures of 2012. I don't care that it's out of date. They're still cute.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 09:58 am

The Hobbit Marathon yesterday was excellent. Took a lot of liberties with the book but still cried at all the right spots. (My copy of The Hobbit has tear stains on it at the end of the book.)

Today I am going stir-crazy because I don't want to be stuck here in the house, I want to be doing something! But I have no car, because Brent has my car. He's putting miles on my car! I want my car back. I need my car back. I need to know that I have some flexibility in leaving the house besides on a bicycle. These three weeks are going to feel so long if I don't do something soon. I can't play video games, clean the house and bake enough for three weeks. I can't. I'm going nuts already and it's ONLY THE SECOND DAY.

I've already broken into my last beer.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 01:08 am
Deep in the darkness, the pounding beat is heard...
Igor! Pulverize that mint! )
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 07:28 pm

Do I know any southern California spinners? Or Vegas-based? Or anyone going to Con*Strict who spins?

I'm asking because I want to learn n-plying. Yes, there are videos. Just looks like magic to me. I haven't been able to learn anything about spinning from anything other than watching someone in person and having them explain. Videos are not the same. Not even close.

My next trip home will (hopefully) be next July. My 'home' is in Oceanside, California, now. All the spinners I've learned from are in the Kansas City area. Where I will NOT be going. Ever, if I have anything to say about it.

While 'home', I am planning to go to Con*Strict in Vegas. I don't think any of the regulars spins, but I could be wrong.

So. Spinners? Anyone? Bueller?

Meanwhile, the latest selfie that I rather like and used for the icon. behind the cut... )

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 09:05 am
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65 Million Years in the Making

I didn’t even think of this. The damn quote came full circle. Kind of.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 12:27 am
Friday -

Turned my alarm back on for the weekday. Got coffee, went to Costco, renewed my membership, grabbed pizza because I knew I'd be late for lunch and Purple would be Out, refueled.

Purple was Out because he'd given his backstage pass to Murraya, and she'd said that she owed him lunch somewhere nice. Then she'd rejected a reasonably nice place he'd had his eye on as insufficiently Nice. Apparently the lunch they did have was pretty fantastic.

Later in the afternoon, lb grabbed me for a hot chocolate run. We chatted helldesk among other things. He'd tried to prepare his gutters for the onslaught, but the corner of his roof where one angle met another turned into a waterslide with water flying down and missing the gutter entirely. Not much of his garage got soaked though.

I ran across some photos from workplace events past. There was in fact a picture from the Halloween party where I stood and talked to Purple for a couple hours despite how much it hurt to stand at that point, which was one of the first times I did that. It would be far from the last. There's lens flare, so we're standing under a rainbow, near a Princess Leia and a pair of Organa-Solo twins.

Purple negotiated dinner with Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly, then asked whether I was up for that. Dinner. )

I stopped by Sprouts on my way home to see if their brownies were as good as I remembered them being. Yes. Possibly better.

18:55 Sunday, 14 December, 2014
Fruitcake, which I may or may not make this year:

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23:03 Monday, 15 December, 2014
Today I fucked up. It was relatively minor and the situation is resolved. And I'm feeling secure about not continuing to fuck up going forward, and that it was minor and stopped before it got to be a big thing. But still I'm feeling like I ought to do some form of penance. Read more... )

In contrast, the rest of my workday felt like unexpected competence, with intermittent chocolate. Unless, of course, it felt like screaming frustration -- I did brave the helldesk training videos for the new features, and they were kind of fucking useless on the front of exactly how you duplicate the one thing in the other method. Also they broke direct linking, which is just great.

Tonight's iteration in the department of things which retail workers have mistaken for my name: Anne. (Don't call me Shirley. :-P )

Everyone involved has a bit of a busy week lined up.

There is a fuck o'clock meeting for my greater department tomorrow, followed by a "thank you for being awesome" lunch for the emergency response people.

Wednesday is Purple's team's lunch-and-Hobbitry excursion.

Thursday is a conference committee tour of some on-campus facilities, followed by my A-Team lunch-and-White-Elephant.

I haven't fully assessed Friday yet.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 08:01 am
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#that is a human as a rat as a cup

That was a long 12 years for Wormtail.

Can you imagine how differently their lives would’ve gone if Ron, in trying to transfigure Scabbers, had actually transfigured him back into a human?
Just take a moment to imagine McGonagall’s reaction if Peter Pettigrew had abruptly appeared in her classroom from Ronald Weasley’s rat.
Take a moment.

Or if Ron had fucked it up a little worse and couldn’t get ‘Scabbers’ back and McGonagall had take him to disenchant him and next thing we know there’s a naked Peter Pettigrew sitting on McGonagall’s desk and the kids in that class learn six new swear words, a hex they will never dare to use, and a fear of Minerva McGonagall’s wrath that will be with them until the day they die.

Ten and twenty years later first years are being pulled aside and warned never mess around in Transfiguration seriously the last time a kid mucked something up in that class Professor McGonagall used two semi-legal hexes, took down a Death Eater and sabotaged the rise of the Dark Lord before Potter had time to get his wand out.
Monday, December 15th, 2014 10:50 pm
I am trying to find good recordings of some of the Hannukah songs I remember from childhood -- in particular Ma’oz Tzur / Rock of Ages, S’vivon, and Mi Y’malel / Who Can Retell -- anyone have any suggestions? I found an album on iTunes that looks plausible but there is no preview feature to make sure it is tolerable, and a lot of what I'm finding on YouTube is very ... childish? ... which makes sense but is also frustrating, since my aesthetic tends more towards purer sounds (e.f. Kings College Cambridge for Xmas carols) than kazoos. Halp?

(I am building a playlist of my favorite winter/holiday songs -- some Christmas, some stuff from Kitka's Wintersongs album, some Hannukah, possibly some New Year -- and while I've tracked down a lot of what I didn't already have, some of the Hannukah stuff is throwing me for a loop.)
Monday, December 15th, 2014 10:04 pm
I think the movies are for me what the books could have been but weren't.

I just went and saw Mockingjay Part 1 and I loved it. It was haunting and dark and yet had the sense of the big movement of the rebellion that give you hope that they just may be able to pull this off. I connected to the story in a way I did not with the book. It felt more like an actual story rather than a series of events.

Stepping back, I didn't really care for Mockingjay the book that much when I read it. I adored The Hunger Games, mostly liked Catching Fire, and was kind of enh about Mockngjay. I know it's been said before, but I do agree that the scope of the story that Collins was trying to tell got lost and hurt by being stuck in Katniss's point of view in that third book. It really needed to be broken out. And I get it - the series was started, the story grew, writing rebellion and big things happening with the themes of how broken it makes your main characters, that's hard to do. But she didn't quite pull it off. I am so glad, however, that she pulled it off enough to have these movies come out of them because they are taking the books that one step farther that they need to really capture the story and Katniss's trauma, which is a major theme of the book.

So thank you filmmakers for giving me a movie I can love as much as I wanted to love the book.

There are a number of moments that really hit me:
spoilers for Mockingjay )