Monday, May 23rd, 2016 10:55 pm
Status: 2.Naima is 10 rows from its bottom hem and in need of pockets. It's a bit snug at the shoulder and loose in the body despite my ignorant, tentative efforts to correct for both; since it fits better than most storebought cardigans I've ever met, I shan't rip it back. :P Perhaps I'll adjust the next garment more cleverly. I've also cast on for Reason's Low Tide sleeveless cardi---only 2 cm so that I could see what the yarns look like when held together. There are worse things than producing candy-cane marl in an alpaca/silk blend. (Hey, *I* won't be wearing it.) The paler pink goes bland against the intense one---all I know is it's Miss Babs; it looks like their sugar and either ruby spinel or lady bug. Can't be sure because the fibers differ and this blend has been discontinued. The frog has gained one more toe and been handed over because "I don't care that it needs more toes. I want to hug it," though then she tied its long forelegs and hind legs in knots, which is not much like hugging. Anyway, I pronounce the frog complete at two front toes per leg and three hind ditto; it ought to be four toes per fore leg, five per hind leg.

Locked photo post of recent stuff will follow 2.Naima's completion, since it's a bit of fuss to place images.

This week's pattern crush: my tentative plan to make Leigh, a nearly sleeveless top that's to be knitted bottom-up, has been threatened by the recent release of Asagi, a similarly loose/wide top. That Asagi is top down is preferable; Leigh's slightly longer sleevelets are preferable. The yarn I have for this pattern-space is the purple wool/silk blend reclaimed from the Conic shrug---anshishoku or sumire, perhaps, instead of asagi. I wonder how hard it would be to adapt Leigh to have a small sleeve decoration, less emphatic than Asagi's because it'd be closer to the sleevelet's edge, and perhaps to echo it near the bottom hem. If Leigh's schematic tells truly, I can knit it nearly as written because it's designed with 9" of positive ease; torso + 7 or 8" is what I need for my shoulders to be admitted, I've determined (ugh).
Monday, May 23rd, 2016 04:52 pm
A friend (who just completed a master's) was making bentos for her lunches and posted about it on facebook, and I thought that was a cool idea (save money, eat nutritious lunches that aren't just PB&J every day), so I looked into it for myself. This friend suggested, which I have mined thoroughly for vegetarian recipes (and recipe ideas). The blogger has a bento 101 series, which is basically "a bento is protein, grain, and fruit or veg" and "build up a stash in your freezer" and "things you already like to make are great."

So I decided to test out a recipe from her site ( We made it for dinner, and I put the last bit of rice in a container, dumped some more curry on it, and popped it in the freezer to see how it works that way. The recipe is amazing; I'd scale back on the curry powder (ours is hot) because it's more concentrated than with a regular soupy curry. (I used a little over a tablespoon, which is about what I use in the regular curry.) I want to try freezing the curry bit separately (in an ice cube tray?) to see how that goes.

I also made sweet potato and chickpea koftas from a cookbook I have (Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven). They're really good, but they don't form into patties like the recipe says they should. I scooped them up by large spoonfuls and dropped them into the skillet like weird cookies. Either I need to use less sweet potato or more chickpeas; I added extra flour, but that didn't help much. I ate them tucked into pita bread, which was delicious. Super filling, too. (I had 4, the pita, and a carrot.) I put 4 into the freezer in a little gladware thing. I bet it would also make a nice hummus-like spread, especially if I sauteed the garlic or used roasted.

There are a lot of things I want to try before I go to Georgia, so I can have a repertoire and a habit. I'm clipping a lot to my Evernote from both justbento and

Two months! Ack!
Monday, May 23rd, 2016 05:51 pm
Penny Dreadful fic where Mina sneaks in and reads Victoria's letters to her and Natasha and Wanda on the run together?

Well. Hell.

Good thing tonight is pre-dance class hangouts and I'll be at the coffee shop early, blank book and fountain pen in hand.
Monday, May 23rd, 2016 09:47 am
Which I really loved, though I could probably dissect what worked for me and what didn't. Which I might do eventually, though right now I'm still turning over everything in my head.

But. Now that I've seen the film, does anyone have any fic recs? Preferably involving Natasha, Wanda, and Sharon Carter? Hell, I'd take Aunt May fic. (Or Pepper and Maria offscreen. Or Jane. Or Betty. Or Jessica getting drunk off her ass after the Sokovia Accords and vowing never to join the goddamn Avengers.) Okay, fine, I'm basically looking for fic recs involving the women of the MCU.

(As anyone who reads this already knows, I'm in fandom for the women.)
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 08:32 pm
I've managed to ride to work alone, pick up Reason, and return home once a week most weeks since February. I'd like to try it twice in a week, but logistics and sometimes my endurance or the weather have barred it. The chiropractor says that muscle tone has improved in my back and flank---sacroiliac remains my weakest link---and she's moved me from weekly appointments to biweekly ones. By the end of the fortnight things feel quite painful each time, but they're usually not as far from their rightful places anymore, which means that they hurt because bike therapy has helped my muscles do their jobs better....

Still uncertain about the cause of strain in my right knee, ostensibly the good one, which recurs during any bicycling within a minute of starting. Candidates include torqued hip/pelvis, poor positioning of leg, weak relevant muscles, and We Can't Have Nice Things. I dunno.

Last week happens to have been a high point for bike use: commencement week, so no parking to be found near the office after 8:30 a.m., and I had a small pile of scheduling to knock off. The day's total was 14 km, albeit at 85-90 F = 29.5-32 C. Chiro had been the day before, unavoidably (I try to time it so that it doesn't precede strain, lest my joints revert as though the appointment had never been, as has happened here). Two good things, sort of: no soreness from the bicycling, and having significant pain meant committing to putting a primer coat on the door that was installed last month.

(Okay, so painting was not itself a good thing aside from the effect of half-painted door (1-2 top coats to come), since I hadn't done anything like that since we moved house when I was nearly nine, which means I meditated upon fumes and unpleasant memories: Read more... )
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 04:01 pm
With my next Audible credit, I got this book: No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.

Kraken has been going through some hard times with power struggles and tantruming that I'm pretty sure I'm not handling well. I need to write about it soon.
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 01:33 pm
They are tiny and delicious

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 12:33 pm
Pink lady apples, strawberries, tamale elote, chicken empanada, 3 nasturtium plants, 2 snapdragon, 1 milkweed, 3 hot pepper plants, and chicken thighs.

I'm going to make take the chicken thighs and the salsa verde I canned last year and make enchiladas (something, anyway -- it depends on how much energy I have)
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 12:41 am
* Please wear all of your wearables.
* There is fruit in the kitchen.
* There is ice in the freezer, or at least there should be.
* Please do not forget to put the battery in the camera.
* Please do not forget to wear clothing.
* Check the weather, adjust accordingly.
* Buy a whole-day Caltrain ticket just for funsies.
* A cane is mandatory.
* The extra batteries would be helpful, as it would suck to be without means to find one's Purple.
* The fucking sunscreen is in the box. Wear some.
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 12:53 am
So this was my week.

Monday - I'm sure I did something Monday evening I just can't remember what. It's been that kind of week. I'm pretty sure I played Candy Crush for a couple hours. Candy Crush right now is my can't cope, gonna play stress relief game of the moment. I don't even like most of the levels.

Tuesday - Orchestra concert! We played four pieces and mostly didn't mess up! It's a little amateur orchestra with eleven people plus our coach/leader. I'm especially proud of my sister who basically used sticky glue and magic to bring the group back together after last fall's disaster of both our last year leaders gafiating with no word to any of us until my sister hunted down one of them. Anyway, she pulled things together and enlisted one of the cellists to help organize and voila! new group leader/coach/someone who knows what they're doing and we made music!

Wednesday - Went to New York because a few weeks ago my office mate at work said "Let's go to New York on a Wednesday to see #Ham4Ham at the matinee and put our names in the lottery for Hamilton tickets." And I said, "Okay." I don't know why I said okay. We hopped the bus to New York, saw #Ham4Ham with Patti LuPone, put our names in the lottery and didn't win. So we had tacos then got cheap(ish) tickets to the Fun Home matinee and it was really good and worth seeing. We walked down to a mac 'n cheese place for dinner afterward (and took pictures of the New York Library for our young co-worker who has recently discovered that you can get free! books! and dvds! from the library! for free!). The we walked back to Port Authority and hopped on the bus home. It was so much fun. Not good for my remaining vacation hours, but fun.

Thursday - I felt so hungover from our trip. I don't think I got much work done. But I did meet with my real estate agent and one of my best friends so that we could sign paper work for my friend to make an offer on my house. So that happened. Then my friend hung out in the evening after running errands and made us dinner, because you know, that's what we do once a week. We also finished watching season 4 of Call the Midwife, and I'm so happy that Delia is more or less okay, I can't tell you. I watched The 100 season finale around 11pm, and I really liked it. I was definitely sleep deprived all day though.

Friday - Work was marginally better. The highlight of the evening was going to Home Depot for supplies for today's getting-ready-for-home-inspection/appraisal work around the house. I'm poking my toes back in to reading MCU fic, so I read some of that too.

Saturday - To kick off the morning, Fiance and I had a fight about one thing that turned out to be about something else entirely. We worked things out, and it's all good, and probably a good thing that things came to a head. The funny thing about being in a relationship is that I feel like I'm learning as much about myself as I am about him. So laundry got started, and I took the best book to be given to me in years, My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha, which is properly a how to clean things so they actually get clean book, and figured out how to go about properly cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. Like, every single surface including some of the walls and the grody mold in the window sill which, yes, I went out and bought a tooth brush today just so I could clean the stupid window. It was an epic cleaning, if I do say so. I took a couple breaks to watch Farscape, and then when the cleaning was done, got on Skype with [personal profile] katewrites  to record eps 16 and 17 of our podcast. We had a dinner break for me between recordings, so I watched the first part of the first ep of Leverage, then after recording Fiance and I watched more West Wing. My brain is all over the place. The nice thing about Leverage though is that it's so soothing. The nice thing about The West Wing is that even though politics is somewhat stressful a topic, the dialogue is so funny. The nice thing about Farscape is that I got to watch Through the Looking Glass, which is my favorite season 1 episode.

Sunday - On the docket, more cleaning.

Last weekend I dropped out of [community profile] wipbigbang  since that was indeed the thing that had to give amidst all this. Those following at [community profile] the100 have probably noticed that the weekly link round-up has been another casualty of my life. I'm hoping things will settle down by August...

Saturday, May 21st, 2016 09:38 pm
* Some people interested in the kdrama Coffee Prince may also be interested in this review of a doctoral dissertation on Starbucks and Korean coffee/cafe culture. Interestingly, Coffee Prince isn't mentioned; Yoon Eun Hye's earlier role in Vineyard Man is, re: doenjang nyeo, which, wow, has its own Wikipedia page even though the Heungbu and Nolbu page is still flagged for possible removal due to insufficient notability. WTF.

* From music-soothing at child's bedtime: what a YouTube user has uploaded as Beethoven's Silencio but is actually Ernesto Cortazar's "Tributo para Beethoven: El Silencio´╗┐." Thanks, YT comments---all I had is that it sounds more like Yanni or a second-half-C20 film soundtrack's theme, plus the unexpectedness of a title in Spanish. But it's nice if all you want for a few minutes is something to doze to.

* Child decided earlier this month to stop sucking her thumb after scraping it badly. We applied simple bandages for three nights after the wound no longer needed it, and after that, her mouth no longer needed the reminder. Whew. Lucky, also, future dental issues aside, because idiopathic hives (heat rash?) two days running have helped her thumb joint to swell unexpectedly. more, and first mammogram )

* I have begun watching Dear My Friends, which has acting exactly as amazing as one'd expect, though I'm about to stop so that my mother may watch if she likes, and on [personal profile] lian's rec I have begun playing Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Vita). And I have at least two deadlines of significance.
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 08:38 am
Yesterday was forecast as 'severe weather', apparently characterised by the BOM as 'we get about 5 weather events like this a year'.

It was decidedly wet at a number of times - checking the local rainfall maps, it appears that 'Perth Metro' weather station got ~45mm, while our closest option, Jandakot (probably at the airport?) got ~40mm. 

After skating in the morning, we loaded up eldest while we were trying to get something else dealt with, and sent out to the car. Unfortunately, we hadn't adequately allowed for wind, and while zie was chasing something that had blown out from the open basket, zer glasses blew off. The original item was recovered, but the glasses were not. 

And sitting at the dance studio after ballet class, because I decided that in the weather I didn't have time to bolt to Bunnings for the two items I need before middlest's class let out, the front door got slammed open, and then shortly after closed again. At which point I noticed that the grille that is usually attached to it was loose against a wall - apparently on an earlier repetition of the same pattern, the grille had come loose, and they had to recruit a parent or two to help them pull it completely loose!

Other than that, I've seen a few branches down, and at least two people on FB have reported fences down. Riverside Drive flooded, but that isn't really all that indicative - I haven't seen info on anything else flooding.