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October 20th, 2015

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 05:38 pm
Inspired by [personal profile] ysobel's post from earlier in the week about crochet terminology, I went poking around my crochet Stuff. Which lead me to realise that I have a handful of semi-abandoned project that I should finish up before I try the problem project again with the alternate terminology. 

What I knew I was working on - a laundry basket of donated yarn that I'm turning into either single colour 20cm/10 round granny squares or two colour 25cm/12 round granny squares depending on amount of central colour (if I run out, I finish in either white or black, because those are easy to get more of). Since the beginning of June, I've finished 43 of the smaller ones, and 8 of the bigger ones, not counting the ones that still need the ends sewn in (about three, I think). The plan is to keep going until I'm on leave in January, and then see what I can make from them. 

What I had forgotten about
  • a corner to corner square, which just needs the ends sewn in
  • bun nets (three that I've found, but I think that there are more) which need ends sewn in
  • the Julie Yeager crochet along that was mentioned in March. I foolishly decided to make a whole blanket - I have four four colour squares, each starting with a different one of the colours, and I'm making one of each 'pair' of colours (total of 12) to make a baby blanket. This is more than half complete, but I stopped carrying it as my go to project when I started making mistakes on one of the rows. 
plus one knitting project that I'm not detailing here. I'd love to have all of these done by the end of the year (I'll take the last one away with me in December, because it is fiddly but small)

What about you all? What are you working on?