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Saturday, December 27th, 2014 06:53 pm
I've actually made a bunch of projects this year, but quite a few were repeats of things that I'd posted about before - the same hat, gloves and cowl for instance. But I've also tried a couple of new things. A Blanket and a Poncho.

I crocheted my sister a blanket. It was a set of simple large squares that were then made into strips and then the strips were sewn together and I crocheted around the outside. I used seven colours - for the squares - purple, maroon, green, turquoise, blue and yellow and for the outside of each square and the outside of the whole blanket a creamy colour.

The blanket is folded in half in this picture


This is a close up to show the pattern of each square.


My other project was an "Elsa Poncho". As with so many other little girls at the moment, my niece adores the movie Frozen and in particular Elsa. So I made a simple poncho from pale blue, edged with first a more turquoise blue and then a white which has silver threads running through it. I found a fairly simple snowflake pattern online - it wasn't ideal as it was designed for use with much thinner thread and smaller hook, but I wanted to stick with using the same wool with the silver thread in it, so it turned out HUGE! I also found an Elsa patch on Amazon which I ordered and then sewed on (it was supposed to iron on, but the patchy design meant it wouldn't stick properly - too many holes behind it! Not that sewing it on was that much easier)

View of whole Poncho


Close up for more detail of snowflake etc.


Overall I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. I've also made myself a blanket - when I get chance I'll take photos and load that up as well.