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Friday, January 8th, 2016 05:49 pm
I keep planning to take photos of my slowly growing stack of completed crochet squares to post here, but I think if I wait to do that, I'll never get around to actually documenting where I'm up to.

So, the project I've been working on steadily in my spare time is to use up an enormous basket worth of 8 ply acrylic yarn by making solid colour 20cm (10 row) granny squares when I have enough for a full square, and 25cm (12 row) granny squares that use up all of a ball and then are finished with either a black or a white border. This has been going since June-2015.

Completed (with the ends sewn in) at this point - 66 * 20cm blocks, 9 * black bordered blocks, 1 * white bordered blocks.

I also have 3 bordered blocks at various stages of 'nearly done' (1 just needs ends sewn in, I'm doing the border on one, and then I'll do the border on the last). And then I can put this aside for a while - I don't have any started, and I have another project that is actually more urgent, but requires more thinking, so  I've been lazy and picking this one up instead.

looking at my last post (Oct 20): I've finished another 23 of the smaller blocks, and 2 of the bigger ones (and that will be five more of the bigger ones by bedtime); I've finished the C2C blanket that needed the ends sewn in; I haven't done anything on the bun nets because every time I can find the right needle, I've moved them Somewhere Sensible again; and I've made trivial progress on the Julie Yeager crochet-along blanket. So, not quite meeting my end of year goals, but at least progress.